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Haven and Wizards of the Coast collaborated to design and develop an all-new corporate branding to showcase the new company mission and values! Over a year in the making, we wanted to capture a mission statement and values that captured the essence of our company, came authentically from our games and would be useful every day for our nearly thousand employees around the world. The result: Legendary Games, Lifelong Adventures and our five values of Be Legendary, Build A Well Rounded Crew, Delve Into Dungeons, Don't Split The Party and It Takes A Multiverse.


Cutting Edge Animations

From Magic: The Gathering, the first and most widely played Trading Card Game to Dungeons & Dragons, the roleplaying game that started an entire new category and culture, each of Wizards of the Coast brands delivers a unique entertainment value. So how it only made sense to use cutting edge animations to showcase their games!
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Legendary Games. Lifelong Adventures.

Haven listened intensly when the Wizards team said that their main goal was to provide a welcoming, fun, and informative website for all who is interested in joining the Wizards of the Coast team! A space that they can familarize themselves with the culture, the games, and more importantly that they stand together with the community on diversity, equity and inclusion. Another huge requirement was that the site was accessible, and translated into multiple languges. Haven implemented localization, and made mobile optimization top of priorities. Our team put a lot of effort and heart into telling the story from one of the biggest gaming companies.