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The legendary Thundercats are back and better than ever! Join Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, and Panthro as they embark on an epic quest to save Thundera.

Custom Online Tool

Wallpaper Creator

Haven Agency constructed a one-of-a-kind site for dedicated fans around the nation to view the latest Thundercats toy sets, browse the extensive toy catalog, download exclusive media, watch videos, read the latest news, and engage in a custom wallpaper generator.


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Revamp & Rebrand the Legendary Line of Toys!

The Thundercats website astounded the passionate fans and client alike. With the revamp, Bandai was able to drive more traffic and more sales. Visitors were ecstatic about the wallpaper generator and shared their experiences via social media. The Thundercats website was a smash hit!

In working with Bandai over the years, it was a clear choice for them to instill their trust in the dedicated team at Haven and bring the legendary Thundercats brand back to life. From 2011-2012 the new Thundercats animated TV series brought a spike in interest to the fan community. Following that influx, Bandai crafted a series of unique toys and playsets to help build brand awareness and push product sales.

Our design team worked their magic to conceive a website that stayed true to the Thundercats brand and integrated seamlessly with the product packaging. We worked very closely with the client to create a unique experience on each page of the website by integrating compelling graphics and an intuitive user interface. Our development team engineered a complex CMS to handle all of the product categories, descriptions, and photo sets. In addition, we built a dynamic homepage carousel and state of the art wallpaper generator for the client to use and update on a regular basis. We are proud to have been apart of this epic brand relaunch!