PUBG Esports


  • Project Management
  • API Development
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Asset Creation
  • Responsive Build-Out
  • Website Development
  • Product Data API Integration
  • Localization
PUBG Esports is the official home of the best battle royale players in the world. PUBG Esports took over the Golden State while looking for the Ultimate Chicken Dinner at the PUBG Global Championship.

First Times a Charm

PUBG's first Esports Championship

Haven was tasked with designing and developing a website that would showcase a dynamic index of global events, compelling hero images, game statistics, match schedules, standings, teams, VOD’s, players, and all of the latest news articles. Furthermore, the entire website needed to support localization for 12+ languages and time zones for PUBG’s first official season in the Esports world.


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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Haven Agency worked closely with the PUBG marketing and development staff to execute a web experience within the existing PUBG Esports footprint. Both teams had the same goal: to provide a space where both established and new fans could interact with content in a meaningful way, and stay up to date on championship details.

It began with designing an intuitive and informative user interface that surfaces new content at timed intervals, while strategically utilizing the client’s existing backend architecture. Our highly skilled development team created dynamic event templates with calendar and scheduling tools that helped the website administrators to easily define match lineups, and populate scoring results (overall, placement, and kill points) for each particular day.

By following best practices for a performant website and integrating the latest technologies, the website performed efficiently, rapidly, and was an exciting hub for fans of the PUBG community! Millions of fans watched countless hours of livestreams in their native tongue, and were a part of PUBG history, without interruption.