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When they come, their breed of metal shall smite your plebeian souls and punish your frail bodies. You will cower at their visage and tremble at the name... Pentakill.


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Smite & Ignite

Are You Ready to Rock?

How do you bring a fictional band, Pentakill, to life? By transporting them from the digital world of online gaming into our world via a kick-ass website to promote their debut full-length album, "Smite & Ignite", to the world.

We Pentakilled It!

The Pentakill project was a major undertaking for Haven Agency. It truly required every area of our expertise to meet the goals of the project, and it was all successfully delivered under a tight timeframe. In addition to this tight timeframe, we also had to get on the same page with the Riot Games music department, with the actual musicians who made the tracks, with the graphic designers who created the band members, and with the marketing team responsible for promoting the game and the album.

When we realized that our initial designs were good, but not quite where we wanted them to be, we decided to get things hammered out in person by temporarily moving key members of our design and development team to Riot's Santa Monica headquarters. We earned some very confused looks from Rioters as we paraded through their headquarters with 27-inch monitors in tow, but this was teamwork at its best and the results were tremendous!

We worked directly with the teams at Riot Games to make on-the-fly revisions to the designs and the HTML build-out. While we don’t plan to work on every project with our clients literally looking over our shoulders, in this case, it was the best way to get in sync and lock in the designs. It was also proof that at Haven Agency, we'll work how our clients want us to work - no matter what. Once the designs were locked in, it was on to development and localization. That’s right...we made about 20 versions of the site for various regions and languages around the world. It was truly a global launch!

All-in-all, Pentakill was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects that we've worked on. With so many moving parts, there was a lot that could have gone wrong, but we pulled it off without a hitch. In the end, we brought a fictional band to life and delivered it to a worldwide audience of wildly appreciative fans – and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Players of League of Legends were blown away by the band coming to life, and metal fans worldwide rejoiced as they rocked to the mind numbing tunes! Within 20 minutes of midnight, the album hit #1 on iTunes' metal chart.