• Project Management
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Branding & Strategy
  • Responsive Build-Out
  • Website Development
  • Interactive Map Development
  • Campus Club Data Integration
  • Print Graphics for Displays
  • Print Graphics for Handbook
  • Banner Ad Design
The North American Collegiate Championship (NACC) is Riot Games' huge college tournament that spans the entire academic year. Teams compete in regional tournaments that determine the top four in North America. Those four teams advanced to the NACC finals, which were held live at a hangar in Santa Monica.


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From A to Z

Legendary HUGE Prints

Riot asked Haven to create a legendary online and print experience for the 2015 League of Legends NACC. We designed everything from a website, banner ads and an email newsletter template, to banners, flags, posters, badges, and handbooks. Then we developed the website and interactive map as well.

High Five

A Well-Designed, Cohesive Solution.

To promote the NACC season and finals, Riot Games tasked Haven Agency with creating an interactive map website that would allow users to intuitively find their school and see their teams. Users could also check out their biggest rivals to see if they had teams as well. Each region had a special screen that shared information about that region’s winning team, as well as other fun stats and trivia about the various teams within the region.

To promote the regional events and the NACC finals, Haven was also tasked with creating online banner ads that Riot Games could place on various social media outlets, on the main League of Legends Website, and other places throughout the Internet.

For the live event, we designed numerous banners (some over 36 feet tall!), posters, and signs that energized the crowd and encouraged team support. We also designed flags for each of the final 4 teams, backdrops for the on-stage displays, backdrops for the online streaming broadcast, and badges to differentiate between staff, security, press, and attendees. Some of our team members were on-site for the event, and it was really cool for them to see all of their hard work on display throughout the venue.

To support the NACC, Riot Games has a Collegiate Program that was created to empower League of Legends communities on college campuses all over the United States and Canada. For this program, Riot Games asked Haven Agency to turn a basic Word document they had created into a full-fledged, professionally-designed print handbook for college groups. The result was a beautifully-designed, easy to use and read manual that wowed the Collegiate Program managers. We also designed and built the managers an email newsletter template they could use to send monthly updates to the college teams that are part of the program.

From start-to-finish, working on the NACC and Collegiate Program’s 2015 needs was a challenging and rewarding experience! We worked through some pretty tight deadlines, and delivered all of our digital and print work on-time and on-budget. The website and the event were huge successes!