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Every season, Riot Games releases some major upgrades to it's League of Legends game. For the 2020 season, they combined runes and masteries into a single, streamlined system that players could use to adapt and customize their playstyle. Runes Reforged concentrates players' pre-game power into a focused set of options, so every choice matters more. Haven Agency helped Riot educate its players on this new system via a specialized microsite experience.

In Game Discovery

Educating Players

How can players be successful when a game developer releases major changes to some of its core functionality before the game update is released? Develop a microsite experience that allows players to not only read and watch videos about the changes, but to get their hands on the new playstyle creation system.
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It's Time to Go Back to School and Back Into the Rift!

With all of the changes to LoL for the 2020 Preseason, it was like players needed to go back to school to get reeducated on the game and all of its fundamental changes. Haven Agency worked with Riot Games on several previous Preseason update microsites, but this year included one of our biggest challenges ever. With the new playstyle creation functionality, it was imperative to recreate the new selection interface online, so that players could learn how it works and so that they could practice piecing together all of the available options to see what the eventual in-game results might be.

In addition to that, with all of the major changes to runes and masteries, the removal of the level 30 cap, and changes to loot, IP, and blue essence, there was a ton to explain to LoL's rabid fane base. All-in-all, the microsite turned out really well and it truly accomplished its goals of education and experimentation.