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One of Spin Master’s biggest selling brands is Hatchimals. Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside colorful eggs. Each Hatchimal is special - it's up to each child to help them hatch, play with them, and raise them.

Safe and Secure

Kid-Friendly & COPPA-Compliant.

Spin Master needed an all-new website to better promote the Hatchimals brand and to showcase each “season” of toys. Additionally, the website needed to be COPPA compliant and to also have two separate views of the website - one for parents and one for kids. Furthermore, the entire website needed to support localization and also dynamic control of showing / hiding sections of content per region - all without the use of a Content Management System (CMS).


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Highly-Customizable, Localized Website for Parents & Kids.

Haven Agency worked with Spin Master to develop the new website in a manner where the content was decoupled from the front-end and fed into the website using JSON data feeds. Some of these JSON feeds were developed to control the visibility of various blocks of content, so that as the site was localized, any region could turn on or off certain sections that it did or didn’t want to display. Additionally, we pulled in product data from Spin Master’s existing API so that work to access that data didn’t need to be duplicated. We also instituted pop-up warning messages for the Kids section of the site for any links that took the users off of the site, to help meet COPPA compliance requirements.

The new Hatchimals website looks and functions really well! Upon landing on the home page for the first time, visitors are greeted with the option of choosing to visit the Kids version or the Grown-Ups version of the website. It’s essentially the same content, presented in a different manner, with some user interface and user experience adjustments integrated for optimal experiences for the different audiences.

The localization and content control options have also helped bring multiple, separate global brand sites for Hatchimals together under one umbrella website, helping to reduce development and maintenance time and costs.

Coming soon is a Hatchimals Collection section where kids will be able to view the Hatchimals toys by season and indicate which of them they have, and more importantly, which of them they want. The plan is to implement this using cookies, so that there’s no user sign-up or age verification required, again helping to meet COPPA regulations.

The new Hatchimals website has been a big success, and with its built-in flexibility and data feeds and control options, it’s sure to live on for a very long time.