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  • Project Management
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  • Unbounce Campaigns
  • Asset Production
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Fender Play was launched in mid-2017 with acoustic and electric guitar lessons. Since then, it has added bass guitar and ukulele lessons – all with the same subscription. Fender Play is available on desktop, iOS, and Android, with integrations for Chromecast, Apple TV and more.


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Growing to new heights

Targeting a new audience.

Fender is recognized and respected around the world as a top-notch guitar manufacturer, especially amongst those who are active within the music industry. However, Fender Play targets a completely new audience of aspirational guitar players who may not know about Fender or even where to start when it comes to guitars. Fender wanted a digitally-focused strategy with the goal of executing strategic marketing plans to reach subscription and growth metrics.

Successful marketing campaigns and creative web experiences.

In collaboration with Fender's internal research and content teams, we’ve rolled out several successful marketing campaigns and creative web experiences across multiple platforms. Our team designed and implemented Fender creative onto custom landing pages within their backend service, Unbounce. By setting up several page variants, Fender’s team is able to track conversion rates, set up A/B testing, and go to market quickly with results that they can easily track.

Over the past year, working with the team at Fender Play, we have seen an increased awareness of Fender Play among those searching for lessons and buying new instruments. Not only has this grown the Fender Play subscriber base, but its also helped to retain subscribers for the long-term, converting them from first-time players to long-term players (and buyers)!